Sunday, November 30, 2008

Martinez Tradition: Thanksgiving on Saturday

Once again, upon arriving at a house full of people, Maxine showed everyone how angry and red her face could get. But after I fed her, she had a complete change of mood and was happy and calm the rest of the evening. She was letting everyone hold her and play with her. I still think she's going to be our shy child.
Every year we get together at my mother-in-law's house (which is about a 3-minute drive now that we live in this new house) the Saturday after Thanksgiving with family from Mexico and some from nearby. We eat a traditional turkey dinner with a few nontraditional sides, like frijoles and my mother-in-law's special ground beef "stuffing" with peas, carrots and potatoes (no bread crumbs but it's really good). We used to stay up really late, drinking tequila or kahlua, munching on sweets and nuts and singing karaoke. Now that some of us have babies and small children, the festivities have quieted down a lot. Speaking of babies, I was looking forward to holding my nephew Ricardito last night but he slept the whole time!
You know those killer eyelashes on Raquel's peepers? Here's what they look like with mascara:


Iris said...

Maxine! What is going on? Yeah I think you are right. She will probably be the shy one :) How funny.

Does Raquel try to help calm her?

All of that food your MIL makes sounds sooooo good!

Raquel is so pretty! She looks super cute with her long lashes. HAHAHA! And I can't get over her sassy face :D

Jose said...

i was so happy maxine showed everyone she is down for some party.

good times. i wish Ricardito was awake!

HektikLyfe said...

It skips.

One is born wild, the next is born mild.

As for the makeup... :( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sarah Jane said...

Well, make up twice a year for fun is alright with me. She doesn't need it but she likes it when I put it on her.

Sarah Jane said...

Iris, when Raquel's around a lot of people, she forgets about her sister. But she always helps calm her otherwise :)