Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Cookies: Batch One!

Today marked the beginning of my Christmas baking frenzy. I enjoy this time of year so much! It is great to have an excuse to bake mounds and stacks of sweet stuff. Since I am on Weight Watchers, I really gotta watch it when I taste test. Just really tiny bites and that's it.

Raquel did a lot of photography for me while I prepared the cookie dough. Then I let her do the "fun part" of the preparation which was placing the special candies on each dollop of dough. I'm not going to tell what these special candies are. If you get a gift of cookies from me for Christmas, these will be a surprise.


Prolifegirly said...

very cute pictures. raquel's a good photographer.

Jose said...

was it last year that you made a gang load of cookies??
they were all so good!

Sarah Jane said...

Thanks, buddy! Yes, it was last year. I made SO MANY!

Iris said...

I can't wait to taste your cookies What?

Anyway, this year G and I are not going to spend as much on buying gifts. So you may see something "home made" from us. I think home made gifts are the BEST!

I actually wanted to write a blog about it.

HektikLyfe said...

Homemade stuff can get pretty expensive though too so we should all be careful. I agree with Prochoice about Raquel. Her pictures are GREAT! They are all in focus with flash and everything. Not as easy to do as you may think.

Sarah Jane said...

Iris: I love homemade gifts. They are like a piece of someone you love.
HL: It CAN get expensive. I think if you stick to making the same or similar things for everyone, you will save money cuz you don't have to buy so many different parts/ingredients/etc. Also, Raquel didn't take all of those pictures. I took some. I didn't mean to mislead! THanks.