Thursday, November 6, 2008

Virginia, Part Three

Halloween night, after we got back from dinner, I gave Raquel the choice of going trick-or-treating or just staying inside. She chose to stay inside and play with the dogs and play some video games, too. We all got into our comfy clothes, pajamas I guess, and decided to watch a scary movie (after we played with the dogs for a while).

Raquel was very interested in giving the dogs commands to make them do "tricks". Her voice just isn't commanding enough (yet). The dogs never listened to her. They know how to roll over, play dead (when you say "BANG"), lay down, sit, stand up, speak/howl and take food from your hand. Maybe they do other stuff, too, I may not have seen it all.
Shmoopie (my favorite) is the tan one and Tyrone is the black one. They're both rambunctious little boys. I like Shmoopie the best because he has a sweet personality and loves to be loved. He was holding my hand with his front paws to make me stay with him. Samantha says he acts more human than dog.
Animals adore Norman. That's Tyrone giving him kisses!
Shmoopie loves feet. Those are mine. Look, he's zoning out, or is he just blocking out the smell? I wish I could ask him.
Part Four to come!


Prolifegirly said...

aww this made me like my dogs again...(earlier they chewed up all the little decorations i saved from mom's centerpiece...they watched me take each one off last night, and i stuck them all on a piece of plastic wrap, and set it on our printer so I could use them for scrapbooking...came home today and they were on the floor all chewed up...and there was poop in the kitchen...i think they really got used to having a lot of people in the house constantly again, so when we left (even for the 1/2 hour of errands) they had separation anxiety.

Sarah Jane said...

Wow, no kidding? Well, even though they aren't being good boys because they miss us, it kinda feels good to be missed ;)
I woulda been pretty angry if they chewed up my scrapbook things. Eek.

HektikLyfe said...

Those dogs look really nice. You would think Tyrone would look more like Siamese dogs attached at the hip. I'll let that image fester for a while.