Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten C's

I've been tagged by Hektiklyfe to play this game...Post 10 things you love/like/enjoy that start with the letter "C" and tag ten people. :) Simple....or is it? Hektiklyfe did ten things with the letter "B" so I decided to do the letter "C". Whoever I tag should probably do the letter "D". I'm only going to tag one person......Samantha!
1. crayons
2. coupons
3. Cheez-itz
4. character
5. coffee
6. comedy
7. California
8. Christmas
9. (The) Carpenters
10. chocolate cake

That wasn't easy. I think I have too many edibles on my list. Your turn, Samantha.


Prolifegirly said...

i'll be workin on that tonight/tomorrow...D huh? hmm....(you wanna guess what john would say is number one? lol)

HektikLyfe said...

Dude! Chocolate cake!

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! YUM! I used to make that afters school and eat it warm.

Iris said...

I like all those Cs too :D

This year Christmas came and went too fast for me. Can't wait for next Christmas :)

Sarah Jane said...

Yeah! Chocolate cake from a Betty Crocker box?! SO GOOD!

Prolifegirly said...

iris- i know i can't wait for it either because lucas and eddie should be old enough to somewhat understand whats going on and enjoy their toys!

Sarah Jane said...

Sam & Iris, your boys are gonna like the boxes better than the toys, lol.
word verification: uphorks

Iris said...

Yeah that's why I am looking forward to it.

Sarah you are so right. Kids always go for the boxes.

LOL @ the word verification uphorks sounds like someone throwing up