Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost Crawling

Before Maxine's six-month physical exam last week, I was worried there might be something wrong with her, developmentally, because she wasn't sitting on her own or trying to crawl. All the baby literature I have was telling me she should be doing these things, or at least the sitting part. Our doctor said she's totally fine. And even though it doesn't matter how fast Raquel was at most things, it is normal for us as parents to compare the girls to each other.

The pre-cursor to crawling is usually the "Bucking Bronco". A baby will get on all fours and just bounce without going anywhere, so I've read. Turns out this is true for Maxine. When she got her energy back after being sick she started doing the Bucking Bronco. I was happy to see this and it was so cute to watch!

This morning she looks like she's starting to crawl! This is happening quicker than I thought it would. She starts by putting her palms on the floor with her fingers kinda pointing in towards each hand. This is a brand new development, as before she would only make fists. Then she pulls her body forward with her arms, bends one of her legs and tries to get on her knee, trying to lift herself and move. I'm sitting here watching her do this and cheering her on! I'm so glad my baby has muscles!
Speaking of comparing the girls, Raquel had the strength to crawl but chose not to at this age. I have a picture of her doing the Spider pose at 6 months old but she did not use this as her form of transportation. Instead, she would get herself to a piece of furniture, pull up and cruise (standing up and walking while holding onto furniture). She didn't choose to crawl until shortly before she started to walk. I think she didn't like the feeling of carpet or hard floors on her knees.
When Raquel was still a baby, Jose and I used to hypothesize about our next child. We have always said, "Our next kid is going to have to work hard at things while Raquel will be a natural at everything without much effort." We mean in life, not just in babyhood.


Prolifegirly said...

I think maxine is fine- you probably are just comparing her to how fast raquel was at certain things. I can't wait til Lucas gets a little stronger and interested in things. I know what you're talking about with the bucking bronco thing and it is very cute to watch.

pasadenapio said...

My eldest daughter will be 39 this year and my youngest 36. The time goes by so quickly! Enjoy every moment with your precious children.

Iris said...

She's so beautiful! Way to go Maxine! WOO HOO! :D Loves the pics!
Her hair is getting pretty long!

Sarah Jane said...

Her hair is long and uncontrollable! Jose always teases that he's gonna take her to get it cut.

Iris said...

She could wear pigtails now :D

Sarah Jane said...

I will attempt it. Her hair goes in so many directions and is so fine. On top of that, we'll have to see if she even lets me do it!

Iris said...

Perhaps if she watches you do Rocky's hair first?
And you can use clips. They probably won't slip off:)
Oh I want to seeeeeeee!

Sarah Jane said...

Aww, I think you're giving Max more credit than she deserves!