Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to Melt Your Mother

When your mother doesn't know what to make for dinner and she decides to grill slices of banana and yam sprinkled with cinnamon, top that with vanilla yogurt, honey and pecans and serve it with cinnamon toast and turkey bacon and then asks you, "Well, how is it?"....Say nothing. Just bring her close to you and give her a hug. She'll say, "Hey, what's that for?" and you tell her, "That's because I love you and I want to say thank you for making me something I like." Trust me, she'll melt in your arms. And if you eat it all except for the pecans, she will be satisfied and not make you eat "those kinda peanuts" she didn't know you didn't like.

And then do your homework.


ben wideman said...

Too cute!

Anna Banana said...

Hi Sarah Jane,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. You're as funny as my cousin Barb whose daughter happens to be named Sarah Jane. I'm going to put this blog on my blogroll, hope that's ok with you.
Anna B

Sarah Jane said...

Thank you and that's a cute little coincidence. Yes, you may add me. Thanks for visiting!

pasadenapio said...

That'll do it, all right!

Jose said...

oh man. how funny. that would melt me too.

Iris said...

She melted me all the way from over there!!!! She's so sweet. That dinner sounds yuuuuummy!