Saturday, February 28, 2009

Relishing the Warmth

My in-laws, Miriam and Ricardo, are in town this weekend with my 7 1/2-month old nephew Little Ricky. We made plans to walk around the Rose Bowl this afternoon with all our babies even though I secretly wanted to just stay at home and hang out in our backyard on such a beautiful day as today. I thought myself lucky when Miriam showed up in high heel wedge boots and a skirt. That was all she had to wear. So we stayed here at our house and played outside for a good three hours, just soaking up the sun and talking about our children.
Ricky is a mere twelve days older than our Maxine but he acts much older than that. He is adept at crawling and is getting really good at climbing up on legs and furniture to a standing position. The only area where Maxine has him beat is in the gums--she has those two teeth that are now well in view when she smiles. His two bottom teeth are just about to pop up, you can tell. He was teething the entire afternoon, drooling profusely and apparently in some discomfort. Miriam wanted to soothe his pain so she gave him a teency bit of baby tylenol and that really did the trick. He was calm after that and stopped drooling, too.
Maxine was unusually quiet, actually very serious. I couldn't tell if she was shy or just sleepy. Rosy, Miriam, Ricardo, Jose and myself were all chatty and happy to be together. I think Miriam took a few videos of the kids that I can't wait to see. We got so many cute photos today, it is difficult to select only a few for this post!

Raquel shared her tricycle with cousin Ricky. He liked that so much! He was holding the handles tightly and watching the pedals spin the whole time. I wonder what he's gonna get for Christmas.

Later on we went to my mother-in-law's house for an early dinner. Jose ate quickly and headed to work while us girls stuck around and played with Guapo and the kids for a few more hours. I accidentally left my camera at home for this part of the day.

I love days like today.


Jose said...

oh wow. i really like these pictures. i had a nice day. i really didnt want to go to work. i just wanted to hang out too. but when i here about how nice your day was, it makes it all worth it.
"have a seat, would you like something to drink tonight?"

Iris said...

Beautiful pictures! I love days like these too. So warm and comfy! I've been indoors all week and weekend, I miss humans :)
You look pretty and happy. Can't wait to have a baby reunion at Rockys party or something. Wonder if Sam and Lucas could make it out some day too.

Jose said...

i dont think so.

Sarah Jane said...

My mom is actually thinking about flying out some time this summer. She says her fear of flying would be the only thing to keep her from coming. I wish Sam, John and Lucas would come out but I don't think they will.
Iris, I miss you and will be over there as soon as I know we're not contagious anymore. We'll have a playdate.