Thursday, February 5, 2009


When Maxine was at the worst point of her cold she was like one of those rotating sprinkler heads you connect to your hose and let water your lawn. She would bury her snot/eye booger-encrusted face in my shoulder/collar area and cause me to have to change my shirt three times in one day. I have been washing things like crazy around here trying to keep Raquel and Jose from getting sick. It's too late for me. However, just as I was going to buy some Zucol from the drug store I opened a package I got in the mail from Grandma Emma. In it was a package of Zicam! She knew about Maxine's illness and she had an extra package so she gave it to me. She knew I needed it!

Maxine is back to her old self today. She's not 100% well but she's acting like she feels really good. Something about her cold made her not want to eat baby food. I have wasted a lot of it trying to feed her and all she does is gag and heave. She used to enjoy it. I'm gonna wait a couple of days before I try again.

Here are some cute pictures of the girls when I was getting them both ready for night-night.


Iris said...

Those are really cute pics of the sisters!!!
The one of Raquel in the tub is sooo adorable ^__^
And grandma Emma just rocks! Don't you love that? You have some one who loves and cares, besides your immediate family:)

Sarah Jane said...

Yes, that's exactly how I feel about Grandma Emma. She's always thinking of me. I wish everyone could have grandparents like mine.

I love that bathtub pic of Raquel!