Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Introducing Guapo!

Guapo is my sister-in-law Rosy's new puppy. Isn't he gorgeous? She has had him for not even two weeks yet. He is considered our puppy, too. Jose has been going there at lunch time to let Guapo out to eat and make poops since Rosy is at work during the day. Guapo already adores Jose. And since Raquel usually accompanies him, she is getting acquainted with her new cousin and doesn't get scared when he wants to play with her. Today, we all went over to see Guapo and to get Maxine out of the house into some fresh air and warm sunshine--she's been really sick with a head cold since Sunday.
Anyways, Rosy has a system down for training dogs and we follow it when we go to take care of him at lunch time. You don't pet him until he eats and you have to pet him while he eats and praise him. This is to prevent him from being aggressive when he eats because he is a male. Then, after he eats, you tap his water bowl to get him to drink water. Then you let him run around and poop and every time he poops you praise him. He is, I think, 8 weeks old and already you can see how smart he is.
Poor Maxine...She's been getting low-grade fevers off and on for 5 days now. Then on Super Bowl Sunday she came down with a terribly snotty cold and cough. Last night, her eyes started oozing greenish boogers and today, the eye booger situation is out of control. She will see her doctor first thing tomorrow morning. I believe the fevers are somehow caused by her teething but you never know--some books say babies get fevers when teething, some books say they don't. I, for one, believe painful teething and fevers are hand-in-hand. She has two teeth on the lower jaw now. This is the only "milestone" that she has achieved before her cousin Ricky, who is doing so many mature things for his age (12 days older than Maxine).


Jose said...

oh my god, i love that doggy. i look foward and going on walks with him. he is very friendly.

and as for max. i feel so bad for her. i want her to feel better already!

Iris said...

That is a cute puppy!!!!!! Makes you wanna get your own huh?
Pobrecita Maxine :(
I will be praying for her tonight.