Friday, February 13, 2009

Maxine's Montage

This is a video I made for Jose. He really likes John Lennon and he gets really sentimental about being a dad. Hopefully this double whammy will bring a little tear to his eye. I also posted it up on youtube where all my other videos are available,



Prolifegirly said...

aw how cute! she smiles a lot! my favorite parts are when she is playing with her feet in the bumbo, and hitting herself in the face with the guitar lol.very cute and your face looks real thin in that picture of you and her.

Sarah Jane said...

Thank you. You should hear that ukelele-to-the-face in slow motion without music--I was cracking up.
That picture of me was taken in early January. I've lost more weight since then!

Iris said...

I love Maxine!! She looks so happy ^__^
you always choose the best music for your vids. Has jose seen it yet? If so, what did he say?

Sarah Jane said...

Thank you, Iris! Yes, Jose saw it last night. He had a sweet fatherly smile on his face while he watched it and he seemed to really appreciate it.

Jose said...

I really loved it. i wondered if this Web site would be on long enough for her to see it as she was older. Well....this was a really nice treat. i'm going to try to figure out how to download it to my phone.