Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nothing Special NYE

(a doll Raquel got for Christmas from Grandma Debbie)

Jose and I didn't want to have to hunt for a babysitter for tonight so he picked up a shift and I'm home with the girls who are in bed now. Luckily, SciFi is showing a Twilight Zone Marathon and my little brother brought me a Diet Coke before he went out to party. Easy to please, yes, but I'd be ecstatic if I were wearing a cute old dress with a tiny waist, out on the town with my husband.
Just for fun I took pictures of some old things I own and wanted to show you.
Here is an old album I got at a thrift store. Pasadena has a Salvation Army thrift store that has a very large selection of records. I haven't added to my vinyl collection in several months but I'm thinking I should go the next time they have their end-of-the-month blow out sale.

This is an old piece of linen from the 1920s I bought at an antique store in Topanga Canyon. Raquel and I went with my buddy Jeff. I remember the road was extremely windy (pronounced "wine-d") and I thought, "this place better be worth all this nausea I'm feeling." Well it was. The stuff they had was so neato, I thought I was in a museum. This fabric is probably a table cloth. I haven't figured out how to display it yet.
Here is something I didn't buy. When my maternal grandmother passed away in February of 1998, she had a mobile home (a very nice one) full of her belongings. We had her funeral reception in her home and our parents said each grandchild could choose one item from Grandmama's house to keep as sort of memorabilia. Well, I chose this Fisher Price toy camera. It had been in her house since I could remember and I'd played with it a billion times. Come to find out it had belonged to my Uncle Michael who has autism and retardation. He's lived in a hospital for the mentally ill his entire adult life.This book is part of my Little Golden Book collection. It's my oldest one and it is in almost mint condition except I cracked it open to look at the pictures. I was the first one to read it since it was born in 19-fifty-something.It's about to be 2009 so I better publish this now so I can celebrate with the people on tv!


Iris said...

For some reason, I missed this blog.
Cool things you've got there! Interesting background story on that toy camera. Did you know of him before that?
One of my favorite things to do is to shop at thrift stores. One time, I found some really cool aprons from 1970 something. One of the aprons is pictured in my Thanksgiving blog. It's long and sort of a denim style although it is made of cotton fabric.
That table cloth would look nice on some sort of display table with a tea set in a tray on the disp table, in my opinion. Something like this, but not as dainty.

By the way, I like your new layout.

Sarah Jane said...

Thank you, Iris.
Yes, I had met my Uncle when I was little and visited him a few times in the hospital in the 80s but haven't seen him since then.