Tuesday, December 23, 2008

About to be 5 months old

Maxine is a little bundle of fun these days. She'll be 5 months old on Christmas Day. Her hands are becoming very useful to her. She doesn't have great control or aim but she knows what they're capable of. Sometimes she stares at her toes and looks like she wants to eat them. We have taken her to the local mall twice in the past week and both times she was very excited and happy too see children playing in the indoor playground and enjoyed the atmosphere in general.
I don't know if I am just imagining it but when I am walking through the mall with Raquel and Maxine, the girls attract a lot of attention. People look and talk about how pretty they are and I'm usually thinking something along the lines of: my daughters don't resemble their mother so I wonder if these people think I'm their babysitter or adoptive mother. Then I think, How is it they look so much like Jose but are nonetheless so beautiful? *wink*
Continuuing about Maxine...She tries really hard to grip her bottle when I'm feeding her but she can't really do it. She can hold small objects and squeeze her dolls and put things to her mouth.
I think she's going to walk earlier than Raquel did, which was at 11 months of age. Maxine is lucky she has Raquel to learn from. She sees what Raquel does everyday and you can tell she wants to copy her so badly. Sometimes when I hold her she feels like, if she could, she'd get right up and walk across the room to play with Raquel. She really wants to!
You can tickle Maxine and now, if you do it right, she'll let out a big, boyish chuckle that will melt your heart. She knows when we're trying to make her laugh and she totally humors us. It's a shame she's so shy around other people. They're really missing out.
And now here's my gingerbread man.


HektikLyfe said...

What do you mean DON'T look like you?!? They are little clones of you!

I think it is natural to see the object of your love in your children. You see Jose, because it was who you love and married. Everyone else sees a mix of both of you but I really see you in the girls.

Cherish that laughter even more so because it is special, just for you.

Iris said...

That's a proud gingerbread man. I like his face. Maxine and Raquel are both very, very pretty. Don't kid yourself Sarah, they look like you too. You just don't see it.

I am sure that in time, Maxine will come out of her shell and start to be more like Raquel. She's just more shy ;)

That picture of Maxine really captures her sweet demeanor :)

HektikLyfe said...

Oh and take a look at this cookie cutter.

Sarah Jane said...

Thanks, guys.
HL, I took a look and commented. THanks!