Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two Girls & Grilled Cheese

Today is Saturday, the day I get to eat what I want without regard to my breadless life the other six days of the week. We had such a sweet (too sweet, even) breakfast that I couldn't really think of anything else I wanted to eat today. So Raquel and I went to Trader Joe's and mulled around for a minute. We settled on sparkling limeade, fresh organic raspberries, pita chips, edamame hummus, a loaf of seeded sour dough and some gruyere cheese. And later on while she played her Strawberry Shortcake video game, I made a nice little dinner for two. We had Fancy Time. Raquel was thrilled I used the raspberries the way I did. It was her idea to buy them in the first place. Our dinner was quaint and fun and it made Raquel fall in love with her mom all over again. Psss....she followed me around the rest of the evening just to be with me.


Prolifegirly said...

that was really cute. Maxine looks so genuinely happy in that picture! And those sandwiches just made me hungry.

(p.s. we just got a trader joes and i've never really shopped it expensive?)

Sarah Jane said...

Not expensive. Just another reason to love it. They have lots of ready to eat meals, good selection of cheese, snacks, health foods, vitamins. Nothing but food, drinks and vitamins, so it's not a super market. Everything is really tasty, too. You'd be surprised how cheap it is after you see what a cute store it is. My bill was $18.

Iris said...

Yuuuuh-huh-hummyyyyyyy!!!!! I want to have dinner at your house next time:) you're sooooo creative Sarah. I love how you show your family your love :) Maxine looks so pretty smiling:D