Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa's Lap

The four of us went to the mall today to take the Santa picture. I bought Maxine a dress last month specifically for this picture. I bought one for Raquel, too, but she's worn it a few times without it being washed so I decided to have her wear her birthday dress instead. It looked really pretty. I did not want to pay the ridiculous price for the photo CD so we just bought a couple 5x7s. Here is our collection of Santa pictures starting from when Raquel was 5 months old in 2004.
In 2004, Raquel and I waited in a very long line to see Santa. When I gave her to him she looked upset but the photographer took the picture fast enough that we got a good one before she cried.

In 2005, Raquel was very upset at seeing Santa so Jose sat with her.

In 2006, Raquel cried yet again. She refused to sit on his lap, so I sat with her.

Last year Raquel was happy to see Santa and she looked darling.

Today, both girls did great. Raquel was outgoing and smiley and Maxine just sat there staring off into the distance. That was a better reaction than I expected!

Afterward we had lunch at the mall and shopped for tacky Christmas sweaters to wear to my dad's house on Christmas Day. They are very hard to find!

And just in case you were wondering how much weight I've lost so far on Weight Watchers....21.2lbs. The jeans I'm wearing in this picture are so big I don't even have to unbutton them to take them off.


Prolifegirly said...

wow i can really tell you've lost weight in that last picture- good job! I can't wait to 'shed' mine.

Sylvia said...

I heard that Weight watchers ,works , you looks pretty

Sarah Jane said...

Thank you, ladies!

HektikLyfe said...

Great job with the weight loss! I know it is a really difficult thing to do. Too bad you guys didn't end up moving out here to Montclair. You and Iris could have gone walking in the mornings and all sorts of healthy shit like that.

Sarah Jane said...

HAhahaha, I like how you said "healthy shit...". Yeah, I know. *sigh*

Iris said...

My Sarita bonita. You look good. I am happy for your weight loss.

As for the pics. Yeah you don't need to pay for a CD when you can scan them! Right?

Looking forward to seeing those pics. Thanks for sharing your collection and stories behind the santa pics :)