Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas morning

Raquel is still too young to get crazy-excited about Christmas morning so we actually went in and woke her up after 9am. Then we took our time opening presents and checking our stockings. Jose made a pot of coffee and I took plenty of pictures. After we played for a couple hours we got the girls ready to head out to my dad's house (blog forthcoming).


Iris said...

Lotsa classic Christmas shots for sure!! Just finished watching your granpas video LOL funny stuff. I especially like the pic of Raquel holding Maxine

Prolifegirly said...

Very cute. How exciting for Raquel-- can't wait to have kids to celebrate Christmas with!--by the way, did you get the video that susan got from your dad? We watched it here- was very cute. made her (and mom) cry.

Sarah Jane said...

Yes, I got the same video. I watched it with a huge grin the whole time. Raquel watched it with me. It was hard to explain that her grandmama's mommy was also named grandmama and was my grandmama but she died, etc etc. I don't know if she understood.