Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy Day but Have Some Pics, Won't You?

Monday is a good day for us to accomplish at-home tasks together. Having Jose to help me by putting things in the basement and moving furniture around is so nice--it feels like we really get a lot done and our home is the better for it. When I'm home alone with the girls I only accomplish small feats like putting clothes away or unpacking one large box and finding places to put it's contents. I think it's kinda fun to unpack and figure out where to put things.
Here are the latest pictures of Maxine. She is extremely vocal lately, taking after her big sister Raquel. She was talking so much yesterday that we kept commenting about it and it was fun listening to her. Yesterday we also went to a new friend's house in Glendale to meet them and to pick up some baby hand-me-downs including this swing here:

Raquel had a hand-me-down swing, too, but she never liked it so we got rid of it before Maxine came along. Last night we let Maxine try her new swing and she liked it so much she stayed in it for almost 2 hours. It is a REALLY nice one and it was REALLY nice of our new friends to give it to us. And all I could do was give them a box of homemade cookies. It doesn't compare to what they gave us, which is also a few big boxes of baby girl clothes (that are adorable and from nice stores), socks and 6 pairs of the cutest little shoes. We're very thankful.


Prolifegirly said...

glad maxine likes the swing! Thats a cute one too- is it a fisher price papasan? I can't wait to get ours. Oh wait, I mean I can't wait to get our baby. I feel him kick/move both in my right upper abdomen, simultaneously with my lower right abdomen, almost in my left thigh..I am hoping he's getting into that head down position!

Iris said...

That pic first pic of Maxine is so cute with her back all arched. I was so glad to see her the other day. She looks so beautiful! Tears and all :)
Ohhhh a magic swing that gives you two hours of time to do other things!??? WONDERFUL!
So how about a baby photoshoot with all of Maxine's "new" clothes :)

HektikLyfe said...

Very cool. Its always so humbling when friends come through for you. I was thoughtful for days after the baby shower just amazed at the turnout.

Sarah Jane said...

Iris, I want to do a photo shoot but I haven't figured out why my new camera went into a coma. So many things I wanna take pictures of!

Jose said...

yeah. lots of good things. i wish we can pay it foward one day.
Obama nos.

Sarah Jane said...

Well, since the Salvation Army isn't allowed to take baby items anymore, I wonder what other charities can't take them. And if they don't, we'll have to find a family to give the stuff to.