Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Cheese Sushi" for Raquelita

Raquel readily admits she does not like eggs when she sees me eating them. I think it's fun to sneak them into her meals and watch her gobble it down. He he!
For dinner tonight I created "Cheese Sushi". I used nori spread with Neufchatel cheese, then brown rice, then a seasoned sheet of egg (like a paper thin omelette), and finally roasted chicken skin julienne (yeah, I loaded her up with cholesterol). Rolled that up, sliced it and topped it with a little bit of bonito flakes for flavor, garnish and to help conceal the ingredients (namely the egg). I also prepared my new favorite vegetable as a side dish: Brussel Sprouts sauteed with olive oil and pan-crisped thinly sliced garlic (kinda makes it like garlic chips). I realize how weird it is to have Brussel Sprouts with sushi but you gotta make do with what you have! And guess who finished her entire dinner in less than 5 minutes.
Then for myself, since I am trying to stick to my diet, I prepared a 2-egg omelette with sun-dried tomatoes julienne, thinly sliced it, topped it with diced roasted chicken breast and fresh basil chiffonade. I also had a big helping of the Brussel Sprouts. This dinner was a total experiment. I made it up as I went along. Sometimes this works out great but then there are times like tonight when it's just not that good. I think it may have been tastier if I had a nice fattening dressing to drizzle over the whole thing. If it was good, I was going to name it something silly like, "Protein Chiffonade Salad" but it wasn't good so nevermind.
Don't try this at home! lol.


Iris said...

Yummy! I am learning from you. I hope to do the same with our son if he gets finicky, like his daddy.
I already try to incorporate vegetables into G's food, but somehow he finds them and picks them out.
I think it's so cute that she eats up the egg and does know it. Perhaps she will develop a taste for it and like in the future.
I am going to have to try your brussel sprouts. I don't think I have ever had bs at all....weird.

Sarah Jane said...

I love brussel sprouts!
For G I guess you do need that Jessica Seinfeld Cookbook :)

Iris said...

I guess I do. But I suspect even if I had her recipes, he would taste it. He has a strong palate and sense of smell. Better than Zero's, I think.

HektikLyfe said...

Remember that pie? I broke down the ingredients in a single bite. :) I love that. It makes food a puzzle.

Iris said...

Oh yeah you did. But you didn't guess it was butterscotch! You got most of it right :)

Iris said...

That sushi roll is making me hungry.