Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sunny Day In January

The girls and I went on a walk yesterday in our neighborhood. We are relatively deep into this neighborhood and it would be a long walk to reach any retail establishment or place to grab a refreshment. So on our walk we just talked about the trees and flowers we saw and Raquel learned to be careful when approaching a blind corner, one where she might meet a dog who barks at the sight of her. It usually just takes one time for her to get frightened about something.

Maxine was in the Bjorn (the best front-loading hands-free baby carrier). That's why she isn't in any of these photos.

Raquel wanted to touch this big Oak. She said, "It's so soft, like one of my blankets." Maybe she just wanted to give it a compliment.

Our street is lined with these Oaks. They are protected by the City of Pasadena. The street just north of ours' is called Flower and it is lined with Palms, I think the Washington variety. It amazes me how the trunk is so straight and narrow, yet the trees are about a hundred feet tall, give or take.

I feel funny taking pictures of peoples' houses but sometimes I try to be sly and sneak a shot. I am afraid of upsetting anyone in their house who might see me. We have so many quaint century-old houses I'd love to take pictures of. We just found out our house, which I thought was built in the 1920s, was actually built in 1905!

We passed a tree that had dropped a bunch of these weird fruits on the ground. They're really pretty, covered in tiny dull spikes. Raquel picked one up and took it on a walk with us.

There was this one Oak with a root system that was very above ground. It looked kinda neat.

Then we came home and swung in our backyard.

Not much else going on except cleaning up all the Christmas crap and WAITING for my sister and friends to give BIRTH!


Sarah Jane said...

Why don't my pictures appear where I arranged them?!

Prolifegirly said...

yeah i can't control where mine go either!

But your pictures are very cute. Along with your story, they look like they could be in a kids book. Raquel must have taken the last one right? Even hers look really good and straight! It would be fun (if you could trust her with the camera for a long time) to just give her the camera for a day and see what comes out.

HektikLyfe said...

There might be some additional code in your template that prevents that or obstructs it. Best way to check is to edit the HTML code yourself.

It takes a while.

Great pictures by the way. Strolling through our neighborhoods is something more of us should do.

Sarah Jane said...

Thank you, both.
With the previous camera we had, I did let Raquel walk around and take tons of pictures, whatever she wanted to shoot. They were comedy! She took close-ups of her toys' faces, lots of pictures of outlets and smoke 'tectors, she took many self-portraits and pictures of everybody's feet. The new camera we have seems less able to stand up to clumsy hands, although I haven't actually tested this theory. It just feels that way in my hands.
p.s. I would LOVE to make childrens books!

Iris said...

Love this blog! Your neighborhood is so pretty! You are so fortunate to live in BEAUTIFUL Pasadena. When I was going to school there, I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I ever saw!

Sarah Jane said...

Thanks, Iris :)
I like Pasadena, too :)