Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Baby is the Big 6!

Guess who's 6 months old today! She has the tiniest tip of a tooth coming in on top. I felt it. I have been liquidating the 3-6 month clothing from her dresser drawers, packing them away for someone else who might need them. So many of our friends have given birth in the past couple of months or are still due within the next few months so I'm sure there will be someone who would like some nice pre-owned baby girl clothes (and gender-neutral ones, too).
I recently started doing some of my grocery shopping at Target. I use coupons from the Sunday newspapers, too. The deals are great but I was told I'm missing out on "Super Target" which houses its own deli, produce and bakery sections. Unfortunately, the nearest Super Target is in Palmdale, which, if the San Gabriel Mountains were not in the way, wouldn't be as distant. Palmdale is due-north of Pasadena by about 30 miles the way the crow flies. At our local Target, they have a good frozen foods section and plenty of packaged foods like crackers and cereal but the diet I am on calls for produce and lean meats--not lunch meat, not granola bars, not Hot Pockets. I'm still able to get baby items for cheaper than the supermarkets, which is the main reason I shop there.
In the Sunday L.A. Times today I read a really cool story about thrift store shopping (for clothing). With the recession we're in, thrift stores have seen a jump in customers and sales have risen 25-35% since one year ago. The article listed several shops I wasn't aware of and gave tips on what days to shop and which stores offered the best chances for scoring name brand like-new clothes. I really appreciate articles such as this, especially because this year, for the first time, Raquel's wardrobe will be very important and require a big boost come September when she starts kindergarten *bittersweet tear*. Raquel has had a growth spurt since November. The reason I know is because I bought new clothes for our trip to Virginia and the pants she got are now too short! Awww.
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Iris said...

You should make a half birthday cake for Maxine!
How cute; her first tooth coming in :) is she complaining about any pain?
Groceries are so expensive. You found a good way to save. I noticed you didn't write a blog about your ww meeting. It's hard to keep a good diet when you are trying to save I know:( that's all I spend on.
Oh Rocky is going to kinder!!!!!! :*( I know it's a good thing but still...
Start the wardrobe now :) I am so happy.

Sarah Jane said...

Maxine has been dealing with pain. Mostly at night but not every night. All I can do is hold her and sing while she cries.
I have been finding it difficult to afford lean meat. Last week I had to buy lots of paper products and had to forgo the luxury of eating home-cooked whole foods. I mostly ate cereal :/
i will post a ww blog tonight on that other blog site :)
And, yes, i'd like to start building her wardrobe asap.

Prolifegirly said...

i didn't know there were super targets..
Thats so cool that Raquel is starting school this year! She seems more than ready for it, are you? it sounded like she was a big help with maxine. wow 6 months already--that seemed to go by so fast! I wish these 2 weeks would too :(

and i'm glad maxine liked my lucas videos:)