Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maxine's First Tooth

(1st time in high chair and 1st taste of egg yolk)
Wednesday morning Maxine woke up and dry-heaved. I immediately started her on Pedialyte and no formula. She developed a low fever that lasted through the night but never vomitted again. I'm puzzled as to why she vomitted in the first place. She was due for immunizations but we had to postpone that 'til next week because they don't give shots to sick babies. I'm anxious to speak to the doctor about Maxine's seemingly slow development.

Maxine's painful teething process has finally produced a tooth. It's on the bottom left. The one next to it is about to pop up, too! Here is a face she makes when her mouth is bothering her:

Teething seems to happen at night. She gets pretty upset and won't go to sleep until after 11pm. It gets pretty monotonous trying to comfort her and my arm gets pretty tired. Here she is looking sleepy but fighting sleep:

If she lets me, I will get a picture of the tooth and update this post when I do. She doesn't like me looking around in her mouth.


Prolifegirly said...

cute pictures. i feel bad for teething babies! can't wait for that what do you mean slow development?

Sarah Jane said...

Not all babies have painful teething. We didn't know Raquel was teething and then one day, there was suddenly a tooth! Their teeth grow in pretty fast, must be why it can be painful.
Slow dev.: All the lit I'm reading about babies her age says they should be able to just about sit on their own and hold their own bottle. She does neither of these things. Raquel was ahead of the curve--she was starting to cruise furniture at this age, sitting up and holding her own bottle. She was also very precocious. Maxine is much behind Raquel when you compare them at the same age.

Iris said...

Poor baby Maxine!!!
This is one of the bitter sweet stages :(
Have you researched how to improve those two stages she should achieve? For example there could be a baby exercise she could do with your help, to improve those skills??? I don't really know much about it.... But makes sense in my head.

Sarah Jane said...

Yes, we do crawling and sitting exercises. She is showing improvement in the beginning stages of crawling.