Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ugly House

Jose liked my blog about houses in our neighborhood (yesterday) but he said he would've liked to see more pictures. So I mentioned that I snapped some shots of the ugliest house I've seen in a long time and on his suggestion, I'm going to show you what I'm talking about. I did not get a picture of the front of it. Just as I started to snap away, a family parked in front of the house and I left.
I cannot tell if this is all an add-on or if they tore down the original digs and built a new one from the ground up. Either way, it is grotesque. Weird shape, ugly color, strange jutting-out window on the second floor, no style or sense of direction. Sucks to be in the same vicinity as this structure. I think it's vacant-- there is a bunch of crap outside, like a toilet and old toys. Just my guess. If the owner is reading this, what the heck were you thinking? I feel sorry for the neighbors and their property values.
Okay, on a lighter note, here are Maxine and Raquel playing in the yard. We have been loving this warm weather and spending a lot of time out in it.


Iris said...

Wow! That is a funky looking house. There is a house similar to that in our neighborhood too. I guess we have a lot more in commmon. G also grew up next to a funny looking house like that. I am going to take a picture of the one we have nearby now and then when we go to G's old 'hood, I will snap a pic of that one, to show you.

Hi Maxine and Rocky! <3 Pretty girls!

Captcha: outpu

Sarah Jane said...

he he he, "outpu". Better than inpu. ;)
I would love to see pictures of the houses you're talking about. I'm imagining a sci-fi scenario in which all houses like this lift off the ground and fly to their own island and plant themselves there. Picture it!