Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Walking by Craftsmans in Pasadena

Today I was inspired by this blog, a photographic contender in The Craftsman Challenge, to take a walk in my 'hood and try to photograph the Craftsman style houses, or what I think are such. I found it difficult to get a picture without phone lines, cars or trash barrels ruining the image. A lot of homes around here are dilapidated or at least need a good paint job. That doesn't mean they aren't "Craftsmans", it just means the owners are unable to take care of them or they don't realize how great their homes really are on the outside.

This house is on my street. We pass by it a lot on our walks. It looks very homey and pleasant, especially at night.
This house is on Los Robles, a fairly busy street loaded with pretty Victorian and Craftsman style houses. I'm not fond of the color choices here but it's still quite charming. There is no way to get a clear picture of it.
Now, to my untrained eye, this is a Craftsman but the more I look at it, the more I doubt my guess is correct. That circular area on the porch there is throwing me off. It, too, is on Los Robles. I like it and I bet the inside is much more interesting.
Actually, my favorite photo from today is the one at the top. I just happened to walk right by this ugly, forgotten, maybe-empty house and these, I don't know, brackets caught my eye. It is details like this that can inspire a whole new life for a dumpy old house in need of major TLC. Like a jumping-off point.


Hilda said...

Hello! Came by way of Petrea and Mr Earl's posts.

I love the first two houses, though I agree with you about the color of the second ;D

The more I see this style, the more I like it. I love the porches and the pillars' stone bases.

Laurie said...

Hey Sarah Jane! Thanks for taking up the challenge. I love what you came up with here. (And I'm so glad to find your blog!)

Iris said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want that last house! Even if only for my Blythe! :D

Sarah Jane said...

Hey all, thanks for stopping by!

And Iris, HAHahahahahaa, you are so cute.

Jose said...

i want to see more pictures!! there are lots of very nice houses in this area. it's hard to believe that this is considered "the ghetto".

Petrea said...

Hi Sarah Jane! Excellent job. And I agree about Los Robles. Some beautiful homes along there.