Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crisp Night Walk

We expected it to be cold outside for our evening walk through the neighborhood but it was actually pleasantly chilly. The walk was a long one and everyone we passed said 'good evening' or 'happy new year'. Some kids told us of a dog named Maxine just a few houses up the street from ours. But we didn't see the dog outside when we passed.This is the sign on our block. I don't know what it means yet. But I do know we live in a ghetto area. There is a half-way house very nearby where Scott Weiland has stayed in the past. And the elementary school that Raquel is supposed to attend this Fall is the worst one in the district and is in the Accelerated Schools program which I am learning about. I think it is for kids who live in not-so-good 'hoods, whose parents might be addicts or in jail or for kids who live in broken homes, kids who need extra attention at school because their homelife isn't nurturing. We are`applying to other schools.


Iris said...

At least you have assistance. Some cities don't even offer that. Growing up in East LA, I know I saw a lot of people that really needed help and didn't have any resources. I know my little brother was one of them. I researched services from other cities who could not help him because he was only a misbehaved child and not a criminal.

There's a phone number on the sign. Wonder if you could call and ask what they are.

Iris said...

Oh and how come you guys have so many cool walking sessions? Is it for fun? So awesome!

Glad you take pictures!

Sarah Jane said...

I started walking to get out of the house without having to drive. Walking is free, it's healthy, it entertains the girls and me and I get to take pictures of stuff besides the girls! We used to drive to the mall and go to the play area for entertainment but its further away now and I don't want to drive that far everyday.

HektikLyfe said...

In our old neighborhood that PNHS sign would've quickly become a PeNiS sign.