Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day in My Favorite Backyard

The girls and I went to my grandparents house (their great-grandparents) for Labor Day. What nice weather we had, especially since everyday after that has been so much hotter!
When we arrived at Grandma's I had a huge mess to clean which required me taking the fabric off of Maxine's carseat to launder it along with other items that got pooped on during the car ride. What a terrible mess to have to deal with at someone else's house. I had just bathed Maxine and had to give her another mini bath in Grandma's bathroom sink.

We spent the rest of the day eating and chatting. In attendance were Grandpa Charles, Grandma Emma, me, Raquel, Maxine, Aunt Vesta, my cousin Jenny and her husband (my cousin in-law!) Israel. Jenny was very helpful to me with Raquel, making her dinner plate, playing with her a lot. Israel, too, played a lot with Raquel. They don't have children yet but are planning to in the future.
We ate hotdogs, beans, chips, raw veggies & dip, homegrown watermelon from Grandpa's garden and homemade cupcakes. The watermelon was the best part of the meal in my opinion--so sweet! My grandparents both have green thumbs, especially Grandpa.
(Raquel took this group picture)


Iris said...

Love these pics! So sorry Maxine was pooped before she arrived :( yummy cupcakes! MMMMMMMM! You guys had a perfect Labor Day!

HektikLyfe said...

Looks cool and refreshing. Can we borrow your grandpa for some of that green thumb. I have a brown one and not for the reasons you think.

Plants I try to maintain just die. I spent labor day doing manual labor. I guess it runs in my blood. Sunday I was able to relax most of the day at least.

Deja Vu...this is like a MySpace reunion here. :)