Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grandpa Big Jon's Visit

My dad's nickname is Big Jon. I guess that was started back when my brother Jon was called Little Jon (but he's not little anymore). Now that my dad is a grandfather (my fault) and he's not the only grandfather to my girls, we call him "Grandpa Big Jon" to distinguish him from my Grandpa [Charles], his father and my kids' great-grandfather, who we call "Grandpa".
Here are some pictures from my dad's visit to our house yesterday. Raquel made him run around in our hot house until he just couldn't go anymore, he he! And it was his first time meeting Maxine, who smiled at him upon seeing his face for the first time (aww).

Raquel couldn't understand why Grandpa Big Jon had to stop playing (uh, so he could catch his breath?) She didn't care that it was 90 degrees in the house. I commend my Pops for trying to keep up with her. She loved it!


Prolifegirly said...

very cute! i wish they could both come out with you!

Iris said...

Oh yeah Raquel can tire anyone out! She loves to run :) Glad to see Grandpa Big John visiting the grandkids :) The best part to read was that Maxine smiled at him.

HektikLyfe said...

I think the fountain of energy that we know as Rakel will be very memorable in the coming years. A very admirable trait to have and remember in the coming years.