Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Three Martinez Cousins

Too much the cutieness!

A couple of days ago, my siblings-in-law came to town with my nephew Ricky who is 12 days older than Maxine. We hadn't seen him since he was only a week old and MAN did he change! He looks so grown up and has these huge eyeballs, haha! (He's my only nephew so far but for the record I'll have another one come January when my sister Samantha will give birth to her son, Lucas.) Maxine and Ricky got to meet each other for the first time. There was at least one camera flashing at any given moment all afternoon, just waiting to catch that perfectly cute baby cousins picture. Little Ricky was shy and did not want to be posed next to his cousins at first. But we got some cute stuff which I'm sure will be hung up on our walls for years to come. Here are a few that I shot...

Ricky's parents, Miriam and Ricardo: they said they had not one photo of all three of them together. Here's one!


Prolifegirly said...

very cute pictures- i can't wait to see my baby! We are gonna try to get a 3-d/4-d u/s in november. And we are most likely taking a trip to CA next spring/summer so all the cousins can be together!

Iris said...

Sarah your photo taking skills are so awesome. You're right, these are the type of pics, you can frame and keep for years. How cute is it that they are all sitting together posing for the pic! ^__^ I love the one of Jose with all the kids on him...awwwww! Glad you are posting so many pics on your blog. I need to start doing the same. But anyway, it's really great to record this day. Little Ricky is a cutie pie. I love how Maxine always looks so happy.

HektikLyfe said...

Have you been using Picasa3? It has some great little editing features, its free and it connects you directly to your Blogger photo albums. Everything you have uploaded here should be in there once you sign in. :)

Great pictures by the way. I too like the one with Jose and the kids.

I can only imagine the great shots you'd get with a nice DSLR.

JeaneBee said...

Its great to see some family-type photos and blogs. Your family is beautiful....

Hugs from Nebraska!

Come and see our 1 year old grandson!