Friday, September 12, 2008

The Sisterhood of the Martinez Girls

At first, Raquel wasn't very interested in Maxine (perhaps because she wasn't very interesting). She has even shown a little bit of jealousy. But in the seven weeks since Maxine's birth, Raquel has gradually grown into a really sweet big sister and shows a lot of interest in her baby sister. She wants to comfort her when she cries, wants to make her smile and listen to her coos and gurgles. And the most heartwarming part of this is that Maxine adores Raquel and all her kookiness. She stares at her big sister with this look on her face that tells me she thinks the world of her. The sound of Raquel's voice, whether she's making weird noises or telling a story, can put Maxine to sleep, it's that comforting to her. And Raquel doesn't seem jealous anymore at the moment but I think it will come and go.

Today Maxine is 7 weeks old. Oh, here's something interesting: Maxine is already too big for some of her 0-3 months clothing. She is a much bigger baby than Raquel was.
Raquel fell asleep in the middle of dinner.

Raquel loves photography and loves to take pictures of her own face.

She took this shot of Maxine on my lap.


Iris said...

I like that side shot of Maxine's face. She really has grown! ^__^ She has pinchables now.
Glad that Raquel is being a big sister now! It's all coming to her naturally! I know what you mean when you say Maxine adores her sister already. I like Raquel's photography.

Jose said...

My girls are so cute and very addorable.