Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 3 with Susan

Susan ended up using her own camera at Disneyland so I will have to wait for her to give me those pictures. She says she can't take a picture but the ones she showed me are really cute. Raquel was afraid of all the rides, even the ones in Toon Town. I bet if me or Jose were there she would have been fine. I'm surprised at her reaction to the whole Disneyland experience.

Today, Jose woke me up so he could take us all out for breakfast. I wanted to stay asleep SO BAD, I really had to force my grumpy butt outta bed. Susan took pictures of our breakfast but I didn't. I just forgot. We ate at Leroy's in Monrovia and Susan picked up the check!

Here are some pictures from last night and today. The play food is a gift from my Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol. It is the cutest little picnic basket full of noise-making food. Raquel started putting it on Maxine and we thought it was funny!


Iris said...

I think I remember you taking Raquel to Disneyland about 1-2 years ago. How did she react that time?

Hummana hummana! I love Leroy's! OOOOOOOOOOOH What did you have?

I wonder if Maxine thinks it's funny that she has all that play food on her.

Sarah Jane said...


Sarah Jane said...

Looks like someone commented using my profile, probably Jose. I wasn't even home at 10;25 this morning.
Yes, we took Raquel just before she turned 2 and we had the perfect day--she never cried, she wasn't afraid of anything and she even took a nap in her stroller while Jose and I walked and shopped.
At Leroy's I had canadian bacon, eggs over easy and potatoes with peppers and onions.

HektikLyfe said...

Leroy's was pretty good. Ever heard of Guasti's?

I have seen kids be afraid of Disneyland before. It makes me feel bad when they freak out.

Hopefully she will get over it in time to run around with Maxine at Disneyland in a few years.

Iris said...

That sounds delicious. I have the waffles when I go there ^__^

She may have just felt uneasy without you guys there this time :)
I too am looking forward to Maxine and Raquel Disneyland pictures in the future!