Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Where's my Aunt?"

My sister Susan is in town this week all the way from the state of Virginia. The last time we saw her, Raquel was 2 years old and Susan had so much fun with her. Today, Susan has taken Raquel to Disneyland (I lent her my camera for the day). Yesterday, we all went to the mall and watched Raquel play in the indoor playground. Even my grandparents came but they only stayed a short while so they could beat the traffic back to the Valley. Susan had been staying with them but stayed with us last night and will stay tonight, as well.

When Raquel is looking for Susan, she goes, "Where's my Aunt?".

I'm looking forward to seeing the Disneyland photos and will share with you my favorites very soon.


HektikLyfe said...

Its great that you are photoblogging these events. We never had that as children. It will be interesting to hear their reactions to these stories of their youth when they grow older.

Iris said...

Yay! So glad that Susan is visiting you. I know that makes you happy.

LOL! Raquel asking for Susan that way :D "Where's my aunt?" How cute!

Wow! Raquel got to go to Disneyland! That's great! I hope they have lots of fun. I want to see the pics already!