Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Girl's a Whisker!

Raquel loves to be involved in food preparation, especially if we are making something sweet. I love to bake but I have to wait until about 7 or 8:00 at night to do it because of the heat! That means Raquel usually stays up later than 9:00 on nights when we make something together.

Tonight we made a very basic lemon sugar cookie. Since I allow myself to eat what I want on Saturdays only I turned them into drop cookies so I could get them done quick. If I would have followed the recipe to make rolled cookies I would have had to chill the dough for a while before rolling and baking and since I start so late that would mean I leave them to chill overnight and like I said, I don't eat cookies any day of the week but Saturday!

When Raquel and I bake together, the job of whisking the dry ingredients goes to Raquel. She also beats the eggs. I am getting her involved very little by little. I like her eagerness. She always asks, "Mommy, do you have something else for me to do?" Sometimes when there is really nothing else to do I just make something up, like, "Ok, look through that bowl of walnuts and make sure there's no chocolate chips in it." And she's very accomodating!

For the record, the cookies were too sweet for me and not lemony enough. When I realized how boring they looked I added candied cherry halves to the rest of the dough drops. Of course Raquel was very pleased with them.


Iris said...

This is a cute blog. I like how you keep Raquel busy ^__^

My dad used to say "You want to help? Get out of the way."

So, it really pleases me that you don't lose patience for her AND that you nurture her eagerness.

On another note, HUMMANA HUMMANA! You're making cookies!

Sarah Jane said...

We have made 3 types of cookies in the past week. I have so many old cook books I don't think I'll get through them in my life time.
I'm not gonna lie! I have said that to her before when I'm making something more difficult than cookies. I didn't use your dad's exact words, I just say, "You ARE helping me right now by not getting in my way."

Prolifegirly said...

raquel is so eager and smart i bet you could teach her to read and write in a snap.

HektikLyfe said...

First of all I have to say that title photo (A+)!!! Great composition and symmetry!

As for the content, I think it is great as well. You are baking cookies and memories! She will never forget these Saturdays and appreciate them later in life.

Sarah Jane said...

Thank you! I rather like it myself!

Iris said...

Well, at least you don't say it ALL of the TIME she wants to help. The pictures prove that :D