Friday, October 3, 2008

First Week of October

A medley of pictures from the first week of October for you to enjoy.
Oh, and towards the bottom of this post is the story of Raquel being really sick yesterday. If you're afraid of puke, don't read it.
Maxine in the driver's seat and she's only 2 months old.

A typical lunch for me: Boca patties, fat free cheese, brussels sprouts. Raquel loves to introduce people to her little sister.
The brand new restroom sink/trough at JC Penny.
Maxine is 10 weeks old today, Friday, October 3rd (a week older every Friday).

And then yesterday when I came home from work at 9:45am, Raquel was in the middle of a vomit fest. I don't know what happened or why she was sick but that little girl was miserable and kept throwing up every 15 minutes for an hour and a half. Meanwhile, I'm looking for our brand new insurance cards and trying to get an immediate appointment with a pediatrician at Kaiser in Baldwin Park. I was very stressed out trying to pack the diaper bag, getting Raquel dressed and cleaned up (and trying to comfort her) while I was on the phone with Kaiser (who was having some kind of computer trouble locating Raquel's information). I gave Raquel a big zip-top bag and we head off on the 10 freeway to our 10:45 appointment. When we got there, there was a traffic jam in the parking lot that was almost not moving at all. After looking around and around for a spot for 20 minutes and becoming late for our appointment, I went driving around on the nearby streets and saw signs that said "No parking on Thursday between 6am and Noon". This is when cuss words started flying outta my mouth and Raquel was face down in her barf bag.
Well, we eventually found a spot and got in to see a very nice pediatrician who was concerned enough about Raquel that she ordered an IV drip to hydrate her. I had to explain to Raquel what this was going to be like. She was very scared. She begged the nurses to not do it and when they did she looked at me with her eyes and mouth wide open, breathless from the loud cry she let out. I was holding Maxine and trying not to cry myself. Then she had to lay there for over an hour and we just talked and played I-spy. I could tell she was feeling better.
When we got the OK to go home, Raquel threw up again. Then when we got home she threw up one last time. She had had nothing to eat all day so it was only stomach fluid and Pedialite.
Today she is still not back to her old self yet. She isn't feeling sick anymore, she just doesn't have very much energy and is pretty quiet. But she's happy. The end.


Prolifegirly said...

oh gosh how horrible and scary! I haven't had to have an IV put in, but i hear they are pretty painful and its a big needle. What did they say was wrong? I hope she is feeling better today.

Sarah Jane said...

It's painful but there are worse things. I've had a few of them. The pain makes my face get all scrunched up but it is over shortly after.
They didn't know exactly what is wrong but we don't think its food poisoning.
Raquel is feeling better but still not back to her goofy self.

Iris said...

Raquel, baby, I hope you get better :( This makes me super sad.
Poor baby :(

HektikLyfe said...

That is very sad. I remember feeling really sick as a kid. Its the worst feeling in the world. You do get over it faster when you are younger though so I hope it passes completely soon.

That JC Penny sink reminds me of a nasty urinal trough at California Speedway. Imagine that thing with a bunch of uncircumcised country wangs spraying unfiltered Coors Light all over the wall. No sink, no mirror, no paper.

Freakin' NASCAR fans.

Sarah Jane said...

LMAO at 'country wangs'!