Saturday, October 4, 2008

Whatever it is, it is contagious

Last night at 2:30am Jose and I bolted up sleepily when we heard Maxine make a gagging sound. Immediately I was back in the hospital that night she gagged and was sent to the NICU, all the fear came back. I flipped on the light and saw she was red-faced and had vomitted stomach fluid. Since she was on her back, it just had no where else to go but back into her throat and in her nose. Then she continued wretching while I held her on her side. This was scary--seeing her heave and not able to control what her body was doing. All I could think of was she couldn't be getting much oxygen during all this wretching. She's just a tiny little thing.
As we dialed the night nurse at Kaiser for advice, Jose received a text message from James in the other room letting us know he had started vomitting, too. So, whatever Raquel had was contagious and I'm sitting here wondering why I haven't gotten it yet. Jose isn't sick either.

Maxine got sick a few more times and then slept a while (that doesn't mean Jose and I slept well). Then she seemed like she was better so I gave her a regular 5oz bottle. It stayed down and she then took a realllly long nap. When she woke up, assuming again she was well, I started to give another 5-6oz bottle but 3oz into it I stopped to burp her and it all came up. I decided to pack up and go to Urgent Care. At this time James was till pretty sick, wrapped up in blankets resting.
Us three girls arrived at Kaiser in Baldwin Park and let me just tell you, their so-called "Directory", the big "map" thing that shows you where to go? Yeah right. No sign of an Urgent Care, only Emergency Room. I headed that way and then saw Urgent Care signs pointing to the 2nd floor. We go up there, it's closed and the plaque on the wall says to go to the other building, 3rd floor, for Urgent Care on weekends and holidays. So we did that and when I get to the 3rd floor receptionist she says, "Oh, go to pediatrics on the 2nd floor." That angered me. Here I am with Raquel, who is not in any condition to be walking this way and that (this place is big), and a sick baby in a stroller. Are they trying to make it as difficult as possible for us to get to the right place? Who ever designed the "Directory" and the signage through out the property sure didn't think about people who can't walk well or have multiple kids or are too sick to walk around lost. It angers me that they designed it this way.
So, Maxine saw the doctor who said she just needs to get small amounts of Pedialyte over about 6 hours and if she doesn't vomit I can try to introduce small amounts of formula. The doctor said we all need to wash our hands more often. Maybe my constant hand washing is what's keeping me healthy. She has not vomitted since before I took her to Urgent Care. Meanwhile, James is still feeling yucky.
On a personal note, I am so glad I have insurance and was able to drive the girls to get medical attention. I'm glad I didn't have anything else going on, that I was free to just be their mom. That being said, I havent' been able to do anything but care for the girls since Thursday and the house is getting away from me. Right now, I feel like I'm never going to be able to get on top of my responsibilities. I don't resent giving all my attention and time to my daughters. I think it just has to be this way for a while. The house is never going to look perfect, the dishes will always pile up, the laundry will never be completely done, my appearance will suffer (my vanity) and I'll never feel really awake. Ok, enough typing and sitting. I have so much to do and I'm already ready for bed.


Iris said...

Great job super mom. You are so good. When the girls get better, you should write Kaiser a letter about your concern. It is a very, very huge place and there is always a traffic jam for parking. Annoying.

I really am praying that you all get better.

HektikLyfe said...

Yeah that place is a freakin' maze.