Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged by Hektiklyfe: 7 Facts

This is a game. I was tagged byHektiklyfe @ to list 7 random facts about myself. I don't know how interesting you'll find them but I'm quite candid so you should find yourself entertained or enlightened by at least one of these. Everything else about me is just gonna have to be a secret.

1. I have always been afraid of drains, the kind in built-in pools and spas. I cannot explain why.

2. As a child and teenager I took a few years of ballet, tap and jazz dance classes. In my adult years I have taken modern, hip hop and ballroom classes.

3. One time I needed to go poop and I noticed both toilets were clogged (this was at Grandma Emma's house). I couldn't find a plunger so I asked God for help, outloud. I looked down and there stood the plunger.

4. I once lived with a cleptomaniac and a cocaine-addicted pre-school teacher, together. The coke-head turned the clepto into a cokehead, too, eventually. I moved to a new place the day after I found this out.

5. My fantasy is to live in an old farm house with a porch that wraps around, grow food and raise a few small farm animals.

6. I also fantasize about being a 1950s housewife and weighing 120lbs, doing chores in pretty dresses and heels.

7. I was kind of a nerd my whole life until I was a junior in high school. But even then, when I was technically "popular", I still didn't believe it or buy into it. When I dated the most popular and good-looking boy at school my senior year, I remember being at his parents' house thinking, "I can't believe I'm here."

This is the end of the game where I'm supposed to tag 7 readers but I think I only have 2 or 3 readers, one of which already tagged me! So, I tag my sister Samantha @ and if you're reading this and you have your own blog, you should start your own game. It's kinda fun.


HektikLyfe said...

Cool! :) Your answers are always so interesting and personal they paint a really colorful imagery and I'm not just talking about the plunger thing.

1. I don't like drains either. I feel they will suck you in and you will get stuck and drown. That or just slice up your appendages really bad. Too many scary movies.

3. Seems like God's type of answer. He didn't unclog the toilet, He just gave you the tools to do it. Aaaaameeennnnn.

4. Good move. It was only a matter of time before the clepto started stealing coke from the cokehead and all hell would break loose.

5. Iris loves those wraparound porch's too. They have home's like that in Azusa and Upland. No animals, but at least they have the squeaky rocking chair porch's.

6. There's always Halloween.

7. For some reason I was popular in Jr. High. I couldn't figure out why and I didn't know until High School. A bunch of kids new me and they would tell me that I was so cool and popular in Jr. High. You know me, I was literally shocked! If only I had known then I would have created my own ARMY of followers that would kick those Skate or Die dude's arse's! XD

Iris said...

I am afraid of drains too. I keep my feet away from them!

No wonder you're so good at dancing :D

I love that God and poop story ^__^ I like HL's comment :D

Moving out. Smart move. Literally.

When you get that farm house with a porch, will you invite me over for lemonade?

You can totally do the whole 1950s housewife! When you do that photoshoot with Kattzzmeow, you should have her do that style shoot! Youre house would be the perfect backdrop. I would be happy to do your hair!

You're still a nerd. I bet if I asked you to play scrabble with me you would. I bet you'd start singing with me if "I adore mi amor" by Color Me Bad came on. Keep it real gurl!


Ok here are my 7 facts, since my blog is private:

1) I am a complainer when I get frustrated. I really only let G see me get like that. And sometimes Isai. I get all "wah wah I hate this wah!"

2) I write to my brother who was recently moved to a state prison. It's weird to write to him and sometimes I'd rather not because it makes me sad that he will be in there for so long (at least 20 years and he is 18). But I still do because I love him and he is my brother.

3) There really aren't a lot of people who like me. I've said that before. I can't really pin it on why. But I know they don't. I focus on the one's who do like me ^__^

4) I get teary-eyed over the song "Grow old with you" by Adam Sandler LOL!I can't even listen to it once without crying a bit <3

5) When I walk a lot during the week, my heels crack by the time the weekend comes a long :( I hate it. wah!

6) I would love to run a marathon, but don't have what it takes to even start. I let the excuses block my way. Not even sure if it would be good for my body.

7) I know a lot of "big" words, but I don't like to use them. I think I sound like I'm trying too hard. I think that comes from growing up where it was lame to use descriptive words over curse words.

HektikLyfe said...

If you liked Synhcronized Plop Droppers then you'll probably enjoy my Toilent Rant.

On the right side of my blog in the sidebar there is a category just for you in the label sphere called Toilet Humor. Just click on it and you will be directed to a page only with that theme. :)

Dawnie said...

LMAOOO the poop comment was hilarious! you made me think about drains to, i remember as a younger girl i to had a fear of them when i was in pools