Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tagged by Samantha

I was asked to post the fifth picture in the fifth folder of my pictures, so, this is it. Jose shot it in March of this year. It's a house in Glendora, CA he had on the market. It was right across the street from a high school on a street called Amelia. Raquel and I were sitting in the car waiting for him to finish taking pictures. We had just had breakfast and it was an overcast day. That's all I can tell ya.
I tag Hektiklyfe: 6th picture in 6th album/folder.


Prolifegirly said... more details? It's entertaining for me to see how expensive CA houses are lol. Looks cute from the outside.

Iris said...

They're not so expensive now :( With all the price drops WAH!

Interesting picture. That house is very attractive.
HL is in Jury duty today so I know he probably wont do this until later tonight.

Iris said...

I forwarded this to G and he asked, which albums is he supposed to post from?

Jose said...

This was a on the market for 489,000. it sold for 459,000.(in about 60 days) It was really nice. it reminded me of our house. Same kinda floor plan. a really cool story about this house is that while doing the open houses i discovered a Robin's nest with 3 eggs on top of one of the outside speakers. it was fun to come back every weekend and look at them hatch and grow up and fly away.

HektikLyfe said...

Cool. I love these things. I have been released from Jury Duty but I want to do this from my My Pictures folder at home. Not work. That would be boring. "Oh here is a picture of the letter H. The H was first discovered by Jesus when the glorious dove layeth thy Holy crap."

Iris said...

LMAO @ HL's comment