Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maxine at 3 Months

Jose got me a new camera, yay! He says it doesn't look "cool" because it's bulkier than the other digital cameras we've had. I'm ok with that.
Maxine is 3 months old now. She plays with her hands sometimes like this, not able to grab anything on purpose, yet. She likes to just look at them.

She fell down ever so slowly.

Then I picked her up again and she continued to study her hands.

Man, I love her feetsies! She looks at those, too. When she starts grasping things I'm pretty sure she'll go for those toes as soon as she can.

What else does Maxine do? Laugh a lot at Raquel and a little at Daddy (never at Mommy). Raquel can make this kid laugh like nothing and it is so fun to watch. She's also very talkative. We have most of our conversations during a diaper change when we're looking right at each other, so many different oohs and wees. In the bath she smiles at Patito the rubber duck and Raquel's bath toys (mostly old My Little Ponies). She really doesn't like to be left alone so we end up carrying her around a lot but sometimes I just have to put her down and block out the whining and protesting.

Jose and I are so lucky to have our little girls.


HektikLyfe said...

Heh, that face down picture is just how I sleep! And if you've seen my MySpace photo albums you'll notice that my hair ends up just like hers too! XD

I don't know what I would do without a camera in our home. I would go crazy I think. Seriously.

Sarah Jane said...

I know what you mean. I use our camera daily.

Prolifegirly said...

she's very cute. I can imagine her having laugh attacks when raquel does anything in her face. Funny how babies automatically love little kids.

i can't wait to really put my camera to use when we have our little boy. he better be charismatic and photogenic!

Iris said...

The pic of her falling down ever so slowly melts my heart. She's so patient. It's good to see you with a camera. You don't want to miss any moments.

Jose said...

HAHAHHHAAHA. Pobercita. with her face down..