Friday, October 10, 2008

When I Can, I Do

Raquel really digs it when I make special meals for her. They aren't really special in terms of ingredients, just the way I present them to her. I don't have time to make fancy food. Goldurn, some times I don't even have time to make a well-rounded lunch! Thank goodness I always have leftovers to work with. This lunch is just defrosted frozen blueberries (no sugar added) with fuji apple slices, PBnJ on toasted hotdog bun with rainbow sprinkles on the outter edge, rotelle with butter and parmesan and a little canned corn with butter. This is as fun for me as it is enticing for her (maybe even a bit more).
Today is my first day off from work this whole week. By work, I mean my actual paying job at Starbucks. I will have a few fleeting chances to get some housework done while Maxine sleeps at tiny intervals during the day. This blog is being written little-by-little over a couple of hours time, in case you are interested in how I have time to type and upload photos. I have to do this for my own sanity. Maxine is up for many hours during the day which helps her sleep through the night but makes my day seem very choppy and stresses me out by dinner time, some times to the point of just wanting to cry after I get Raquel to bed. Right now it is a quarter after 2pm and so far I have done these things:
  • give Raquel a bath
  • make my own breakfast
  • washed a few bottles
  • work on my Family Chore Chart
  • give Maxine a bath
  • wash/dry 3 loads of laundry
  • vacuum the living room
  • Raquel's lunch
That doesn't include all the time I've spent feeding, diapering, lulling and carrying around Maxine. That takes up the bulk of my day. She's 11 weeks old today. Here's a picture I took of her during a non-fussy moment:

I don't think my husband likes that I blog as often as I do but it does make me happy and I like keeping my family and friends updated. Thanks for reading!


Iris said...

Hi Maxine! She's so pretty! Thank you for updating us. Your food presentations to Raquel are awesome! I really like the PBJ and the sprinkles! I am sure that is the best way to get kids to eat well :) Glad you had the day off.
I'm sorry you are going through some hard times that make you wanna cry. You're doing great! I am looking up to you :)

Not to mention the diet you are on OI! :S

Sarah Jane said...

Thanks, Iris!
I don't think my tough times are any tougher than any other mother. I just thank God I didn't have twins.

shaniqua said...
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Prolifegirly said...

Thats a good idea to keep raquel entertained and nourished. I'm sorry youre having a tough time-- but it seems like you have a happy baby always smiling really big! If you ever need help Brianne recently mentioned she would be more than willing to babysit or help you do any errands. check out her blog if you want- the wyatts one.

Jose said...

that is so cute. raquel loves that food presentation. Why is everyone saying "you are having hard times"??? This is what all moms go through, you are just one of many that blog about it. Hard times are...
a)not having money to make those nice lunch for your kids.
b)Not having water or electricity to run your washer and dryer.
c)Your kids are sick and you have no health insurance.
d)You never see your husband because he is always working and when he is home he is abusive.

I can go on and on about hard times.

Iris said...

I loved jose's comment! So true. I will be looking forward to thinking positively.

Sarah Jane said...

Word, Hunny.

HektikLyfe said...

Dude. What did Shaniqua say????? Her name alone peaked my interest!

I think you are doing a great job with lunch. Being a "don't mix my food" kind of guy I appreciate those dividers! I am glad those are becoming popular now. :)

Wish I would have had them as a kid.