Friday, October 17, 2008

A Halloween Blog Inspired by Hektiklyfe

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It has become my favorite holiday. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a list of gifts, you don't have to cook and bake and marinate for days, you don't have to clean your house for guests (unless you have a Hallween party), you get to dress up and be whatever the heck you want to be, you get to dress up your kid(s) and watch them be cute and you get to take a nice leisurely walk out in the cool night air collecting free candy door-to-door (and then see what you got when you get home).

When I was a kid, the earliest Halloween I can remember, I was a rabbit. My mom dressed up as a Playboy Bunny one year (that I remember) so, being the "frugal" mom she was, she dressed me up in my ballet leotard, tights and her bunny ears and tail. I was "Student of the Day" that day in kindergarten in the city of Buena Park. My teacher took a polaroid picture of each student of the day and either my mom or I have that picture but I know it still exists. I was a rabbit more than once.

Their used to be a cartoon in the 80s called The Biscuits. I was one of those characters in 1st grade. I wore pajamas and a cheap mask. Nobody knew what I was.

I was Cleopatra in 3rd grade, heavy make up and all. In 4th grade I was a leopard. In 5th grade I was a pig (pink sweats and a mask). In 6th grade I was again a leopard (same costume). And after that I don't remember what I was.

My sister Susan was once Cyndi Lauper, a homemade version anyways, with one of Mom's sparkly cocktail dresses and crazy make up and hair. She was about 5 years old. I have never seen a picture of that night. My mom was pretty good at coming up with costumes on no budget.

One of my favorite Halloweens was when I was in 3rd grade. My grandparents, who lived an hour away, picked us up from school and took us to their house for the weekend. Halloween was on a Friday. We went trick-or-treating in their 'hood. I thought that was really neat. One of my favorite memories.

Here are a few random Halloween pictures I could find in our collection.


Iris said...

I've never heard of the Biscuits. I tried to search for an image, but too many pics came up for those words. I like the random pics you put together. Halloween is a great holiday!

Sarah Jane said...

I don't have enough Halloween pics on my 'puter. I have some good prints but no scanner. :P The Biscuits were very short lived and not very popular but just popular enough to have a mask out for Halloween one year I guess. They were little animals, like puppies and bears (wannabe Shirt-Tales I think).

HektikLyfe said...

Awww man the classic Josefina is always a shocker! XD

I like a lot of holidays but I really think Thanksgiving is overrated. The food is great and all but its really just an interim celebration between the two best seasons.

Candy - Yeh!
Turkey - meh
Toys - Yeh!

Thanks for the cred!