Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I Did With Quail Eggs

Tonight I made Scotch Eggs with quail eggs instead of chicken eggs. They were pretty good but next time I'll cut out about half the onions, skip the nutmeg, add Worchestershire and wrap them in bacon. These were fun and easy to make. I will make them again some day but my way. I got this recipe from (thanks!). I was going to put one in Raquel's lunch if she enjoyed them at dinner tonight but I could tell it was a food she needed to be encouraged to finish. So her lunch won't include a Scotch Egg tomorrow since I won't be in the cafeteria with her to make sure she eats it.


Prolifegirly said...

pretty looking meals- i was a picky eater you should be happy that raquel is so open minded!I wouldn't even eat hamburger meat (i purposely spit it up at the table and cried...)
and i cried when i started kindergarten...i hope lucas/olivia aren't like me!
how does she like her school?

Sarah Jane said...

She loves her school. It is also where she went to pre-school. Everyone already knows her!

Iris said...

Yummy that looks good. I haven't had my lunch yet. Sitting here with the baby :) MMMM