Monday, September 7, 2009

Cooking For Kindergarten

Raquel has "three more sleeps" until she gets to start kindergarten. She is VERY excited. Her school hours will be the same as the big kids, which is about 7 hours a day with each Monday being a short day, only about 5 hours. Wednesday night we are going to a kindergarten orientation. I'm looking forward to that. I am also looking forward to sending Raquel to school with some good stuff for lunch-- stuff I tested on her this weekend after our totally fun shopping spree at the Asian Supermarket. She loved everything!

I have prepared/cooked/assembled/portioned-out and stored in the freezer the following:

  • onigiri
  • spring rolls
  • banana coconut muffins
  • swirl cookies
  • purple satoimo noodle nests with slices of pink fish cake (so girly!)
  • brown rice
  • fried poached tofu cutlets
And there is more where that came from. Her lunches will not always be of the Asian kind. But if you've ever been to an Asian market you know there are so many cute and fun things to buy and make--just perfect for creating bento meals. And the prices are right, especially for produce.

Look how cute Raquel looks in bowling shoes! We bowled this afternoon at the fancy 300 Pasadena bowling alley. We had never been there before and will probably not be going back until we're rich. That is the most expensive 2 games of bowling I have ever seen. And the service sucked. I don't think management planned on having such a busy day on this Labor Day (hello?!) and only one server/lane assistant was working the entire 24 occupied lanes while the bartender stood alone behind her bar without a thing to do. Something not right there.
P.S. Raquel bowled better than me.


Iris said...

Oh hope you blog about her first day. Our little Rocky is growing up! ^__^

Prolifegirly said...

raquel looks like such a big girl. I am sure she will really enjoy school and be liked by all the kids/teachers. I hope my kids are like that and not like i was in kindergarten...