Sunday, August 24, 2008

Smiles on Demand

Why do I never have my camera nearby when I make Maxine smile? Well, just to let you know, she smiles when I want her to, pretty much. This started yesterday when I could've sworn all of that grunting and pondering was because she was taking a dump and I was cheering her on by repeating, "Is it doo-doo time?" in the cutest voice I could muster. Turns out she was grunting just to grunt. I got some great smiles out of it though! Yes, I'll take pictures next time.


Prolifegirly said...

yes take pictures- that one with jose is so cute and such a big smile. It's weird that smiling is not only universal as a happy expression, but instinctive to babies too. elise just visited with her babies- i took some pics i will post today.

Iris said...

I can't wait to see them. What a happy baby. I've seen other pictures of her lately though. Do people keep telling you she looks like Rocky? She does to me.

Sarah Jane said...

Yes, a lot of people say that. I am always looking at their faces and comparing their newborn pictures to see what is different about their features. There is something different and I can't really put my finger on it. Personality-wise, Raquel at this age was much more responsive and animated, very early to come into her personality. Maxine's personality isn't quite distinguishable yet.