Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have 2 good girls

With a newborn in the house you will have to expect a good amount of poop-talk in this blog. Maxine is just like Daddy, prefers to poop in the morning. Since she doesn't really poop for the rest of the day and night, the morning poop is a whopper. She was due for a bath today so I wiped her down a bit and then we took a bath together in the big bath tub with Raquel standing by just in case Mommy needed help. Maxine obviously enjoyed this bath which made it very pleasant for me, too. Being that she was so relaxed, I was able to get the soap into every little crease, let the warm water run down her body, make sure she was rinsed off well. We even played a little bit, letting her float on her back with my arm holding her upper body--she was extremely buoyant! All baby fat, huh?! All the while, Raquel was helping me by washing my back with the bath water.
Speaking of Raquel, just this morning I realized she is such a patient big sister and older daughter. She's only 4 years old yet she hasn't showed a temper at all any time I've said, "You'll have to wait a minute," when she asks me for something. She just says, "Oh, ok." I'm going to have to make it up to her when Maxine isn't such a newborn anymore.


Prolifegirly said...

aw thats so sweet of Raquel. Very cute blog, even with all the poop talk. We wanna see more pictures though!

Sarah Jane said...

Well, my aim is to have pictures with every post but not when I'm naked in the pictures! Next time I take a bath with Max I'll give Raquel the camera and edit the photos she takes. And she actually takes really good pictures now!

Iris said...

Gosh what a doll! She is super extra sweet. And how wonderful to be able to take a bath, all girls!
You guys are gonna need pink bubbles soon :) When Maxine gets older of course.