Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great-grandbabies Round-up!

My sister, brother-in-law and their son, Lucas, are in town for a couple of weeks. They drove from Virginia and Lucas isn't even one year old yet! I couldn't do that with my one year old but Lucas is really good at travelling--what a blessing. This weekend they spent at our grandparents' house in the San Fernando Valley. I took the girls over there yesterday. It was our first time meeting Lucas and it was their first time meeting Maxine. My cousin was also there with her husband and their newborn daughter, Evie. She is a little doll. Maxine was very curious about her and tried to wake her up by shaking her seat and touching her little face. Maxine was also interested in her cousin Lucas and he in her. I think my grandma was in Heaven having all her great-grandkids at the house. Everyone was happy and well-behaved :)
Here are Maxine, Raquel, Lucas and his mommy (my little sister) Samantha in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard swing. Samantha is pregnant with Olivia and happens to be due on Lucas' birthday, which is also her husband's birthday--wow!


Prolifegirly said...

what a great picture of the stinky winky...little did i know at that time, how far up his poop was caked to his back! i have so many pictures and video to upload, and my blogs are so unorganized but i want to put all the good pictures up that i can.
hope to see you wednesday!

Iris said...

Awww so glad she came down to see you. Sam, I asked Sarah about how it was to meet Lucas and Eddie was in the room at the same time. Sarah said that Lucas made Eddie look so small! But I can clearly see that Lucas is way bigger than Maxine too, who is over a year old! WOAH! He is a big boy! Glad you gals are together. Family gatherings are so heart-warming :)