Saturday, August 1, 2009

Onion Breath

Grandma Emma gave me some of these really good onions that she received from a friend. I forget the name of them. Anyways, they're really good and sweet! I have had onion breath since she gave them to me yesterday :P Thanks a lot Granny Grunt!
Last night, Maxine astounded us. I got it on video.
Today after I did some early morning cleaning, I spent the afternoon catching up on other peoples' blogs. I would hate them to think I've been ignoring them. It's really nice to have time to do these sorts of things. Raquel went with Jose to his open house--from what I hear she was really a hands-on helper, showing people the rooms or entertaining children while parents looked around. I filled up a couple of lunch boxes for them and Jose sent me a text message that said, "What a great lunch!". That made my day.
Thanks for reading.


Iris said...

Isn't that the best? To be thanked for the simple things. That onion looks really juicy :D

bwyatt said...

I love onions. Oh my goodness that video of Maxine is so funny. She really grooves. You have such sweet wonderful little girls. I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing.