Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Red Wagon

The girls' great-grandparents always have the best gift ideas. This year they gifted the girls a new Radio Flyer red wagon. It is exactly what they needed! The four of us went on a nice long evening walk on Monday. A little off the subject, but, isn't this the most pleasant August weather you've ever seen in Southern California?
That nice house in the top picture is a place where a lot of tv shows, commercials and movies are made. Obviously, it is very picturesque and quaint. I'm glad we don't have to walk very far away from our own neighborhood to see such interesting properties.
Thanks for the wagon, Grandma and Grandpa!


Prolifegirly said...

wow sarah! you look so thin! you're gonna have to help me do that once we have this baby!

Sarah Jane said...

I will!

Jose said...

it's funny cuz i drive the area everyday. you dont really notice all these beautiful houses until you start walking the streets of the north west area of pasadena, which in many people's eyes is the ghetto.