Friday, July 3, 2009

We Walked in Two Districts

Old Town Pasadena and The Playhouse District [of Pasadena] are right next to each other. The girls and I took a walk this evening when the sun was about to set. Maxine was strapped onto me in the Baby Bjorn. Raquel carried her Thomas backpack with snacks and other little necessities. Our walk was a delight. Both girls were content and peaceful (so was I).
Raquel posed for this shot. The cart was already tipped over so why not make art out of it?!
Raquel couldn't hold still for that last shot.


Jose said...

wow! this looked like lots of fun. i love the one with raquel!!

elm said...

Grandpa said, "Is that my little darling?" when he saw Raquel's picture!

Cafe Pasadena said...

I can see your Raquel is the extrovert in the family! She has some special gift, I can see already. Whatever it is - nurture it.

Sarah Jane said...

C.P.: I appreciate you recognizing that about Raquel. Thanks!