Friday, July 31, 2009

Poolside at Dad's

My dad has a GREAT backyard. Not only does it have a pool, a jacuzzi and a comfy covered patio (with a bar area) but it also has a smoker and about eleventy barbeques. Think he likes to cook?

We took the girls over for a pool day earlier this month to celebrate the birthdays of Maxine, Raquel, Debbie and Jose, who are all July babies. This was Maxine's first time in a pool. She loved it. I'm positive Raquel had a blast, too.
Dad and Debbie got two new puppies. They went from "none" to "two" and they're so very well behaved!
The last shot is Raquel playing on Dad's homemade putting green. She's been playing on that thing since she was born. She looks like a mini pro.


Jose said...

This was a really nice time. I could hang out in that back yard everyweekend if i could.

Iris said...

Oooh these are some really nice shots!

Sarah Jane said...

Thanks, Iris!