Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nice Day for Sunny Portraits



Prolifegirly said...


we need a new camera...lol. my pictures are dull and blurry.

btw, you should be getting your book on the 26th or 27th..never ship with fedex..i was there already faxing something for our refi, so i shipped your book and it was expensive and slow!

Jose said...

wow. very cute pictures. so proffesional!

Iris said...

You were right, the girls both look older. You see what not taking pictures does? It makes them grow up :)

These are really beautiful pictures. I bet they would look gorgeous printed on large paper. You are really building up a GREAT collection of pictures!

BTW are you getting email notifications from my blog yet? I added your email address-the one you use for this blog acct.

Anonymous said...

They R just 2 CUTE!
I love that you spend quality time with them and watch them grow up.
Can't wait 2 c them again!!
Love, G. Deb

Sarah Jane said...

Thanks, Debbie!

Sarah Jane said...
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