Thursday, December 3, 2009


Rudolph was on tv last night! We pigged out on doughnuts and milk and enjoyed the show together. I have always loved this tv special.
Before the show, I took Raquel to Payless to get a new pair of shoes for school. She had received a special gift card from her school--many more fortunate people donate food baskets and gift cards for the less fortunate students at her school--Raquel has been designated as one such student. We have also received tons of groceries in the past week. All of these donations were a HUGE surprise to us. I didn't know they knew we needed it! Jose and I can't believe how much food we received. It filled our pantry! Writing this and thinking about how much people care really makes my eyes wet. It has given Jose and I one less thing to worry about but not only that--the feeling of joyfulness just makes everything better.
Then I woke up this morning with a somewhat mysterious burst of positivity. It carried through all day and into my evening class. I had to give a short presentation. Just yesterday I was worried about it but this sudden confidence made it a snap. I felt like a different Me because I just wasn't nervous. And guess who got to be the first one to present? :)
Two weeks from today this semester will be history. And a week after that is Christmas. It's gonna be a good one. I am feeling joyful.
Thanks for checking in.


Iris said...

What a change! I am glad your Christmas spirit is back. WOOT!

Sarah Jane said...


james said...

It's the difficult times that create the "more fortunate people" who can then empathize with and give to those who are going through difficult times.

No doubt, one day, you too will be fortunate, empathetic, caring and giving.

Sarah Jane said...

UJ, I know what you mean. I have been on the other side, donating my money and volunteering my time and effort to initiatives based on helping less fortunate people. I've always enjoyed volunteering.

Jose said...

There is also lots of LOVE in this house. that is with or with our the pantry full.