Friday, June 19, 2009

Shoreline Village, Long Beach, CA

Now that Jose's restaurant has closed down he has a little more free time (in between networking for new jobs). Yesterday was his first full day off. We decided to get out of the San Gabriel Valley. Since it was our first sunny day in about 2 weeks (sheesh!), Jose took us to Shoreline Village in Long Beach. There isn't really much to do there but eat, walk, peruse and photograph stuff. We had worn pants since we'd grown accustomed to the coolish weather we've been having but it was actually pretty warm and shorts would've been much more comfortable.
Jose and the girls had some ice cream. I like to watch Maxine try things that are new to her. She's such a sport and loves to try everything. Then Jose and Raquel played a little bit in the arcade while Maxine and I looked at a water fountain and enjoyed the beach air.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Happy Dad's Day to him!

Iris said...

Loves it! That first picture is just sooo pretty to look at. I'm talking about the flowers. Looks like a nice day in the sun.