Friday, May 8, 2009

Maxine Refuses the Spoon

Thank goodness I looked this up; I feel so much better...

Maxine is crawling everywhere and also pulling up onto furniture, the latter being still a challenge for her. Ever since these knew abilities showed up a couple weeks ago she has only wanted bottles, no veggies, fruit or cereal. This had me worried. You always think you're doing something wrong and not only do you worry about your kid but also what your doctor is gonna think of your parenting skills. I'm relieved to know this refusal to eat is totally normal!
In the above photo, Maxine is enjoying her new favorite activity: pulverizing an organic teething biscuit. This is exciting for her but the end result is a huge, crusty mess. She never eats the whole thing. It kinda looks like a well-used salt lick when she's had her fill. Her highchair requires vacuuming, too.
Since she is not interested in being spoon-fed at the moment, I'm going to let her try some finger foods: soft-cooked noodles, egg yolk omellette with mashed veggies mixed in, fish. She has four teeth now, all the better to eat with!


Prolifegirly said...

maxine and raquel were pretty different at each stage huh?i wonder how our next one will be in comparison!

i'm already anxious to start giving lucas solids lol. is maxine done teeting yet?

Iris said...

What would our moms have done without the internet? I guess they went around asking the neighbor for their input.
I read the article. Guess Maxine is too busy exploring her world to eat.